Curse of a Dreamer

It’s nights like these that I feel stuck, suffocated by my wandering thoughts.

Tasks to be completed, projects that haven’t begun, people that haven’t been met, journeys that haven’t been traveled. Social media as my nemesis reminding me of all the things I’m not.

“Someday” seems to become more and more distant with each day that passes, and I wonder if we’ll ever meet. Dreams become pain as I see opportunities pass. People, places, movements, and stories all continue on without me. What life am I to lead? When is it my turn? Who will be there with me? Where do I fit in?

I carry the pain of a past with no dreams, I carry the pain of a future with them.

Envy rises and falls across each picture. India, Italy, Masters degrees, and marriages. Methodically I plan out my life only left feeling more stagnant than before, suffocated by my wandering thoughts.

I carry the curse of a dreamer.

3 thoughts on “Curse of a Dreamer

  1. You have just begun!! You have so much time. Life is just beginning for you. Your dreams will happen-all in time!!

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