Draw Near: Be Still. (Day 2)

Be still, and know that I am God…

Psalms 46:10

The whole point of this 14-day challenge is to draw nearer to God, and hear His voice. The “challenge” part is in learning to BE STILL!! Getting some time to myself is difficult, and learning to turn my mind off in those scarce times is even harder. So it’s no surprise to me that tonight’s speaker Gus Hunter was teaching on what it means to hear God’s voice and be led by the Spirit.

“There is a level of communication that goes so much further beyond the constraints of words. Do not limit your communication with God to using only words.” I think of the power in body language and expression. How so much more can be said through even a micro-expression of one’s face than in an entire dialogue of spoken conversation. Yet, so often we (I) find ourselves frustrated when we can’t audibly hear God. We almost expect Him to do something drastic like the ancient Biblical days and speak to us through a fiery cloud on a mountain. So quickly I forget the willing obedience that goes into being faithful enough, and patient enough, to wait for His voice.

“Don’t go reaching for knowledge as your identity and the essential thing of life. It will create control as the illusion of power, but it will ultimately destroy you into a world of abstractions of reality. Instead trust in God as the wind, spirit and bread of life – He is the essence of it.” My time, energy and focus has been (and still is) on acquiring enough knowledge to be considered great. To gain status and stature through my wisdom. Not that seeking knowledge is bad, but I have let its technical structure rule over my life in every area. How many moments have I spent my time analyzing what is happening around me, instead of just soaking in the experience itself? I have leaned on my own understanding of traversing through life, rather than submitting and fully trusting in the Lord to direct my path straight. 


“Is the intellect you’ve learned creating an imagination or vision for you to follow? We connect with our imaginations to know and feel that God loves us. Trust that He speaks into your imagination and makes it a reality for you.” I’m a dreamer; I even wrote about it’s suffocating moments. Yet what is it about my dreams that is so fearful to shape them into reality? Do I trust that God has stirred them in me for a reason? Yes. Do I believe they will come to fruition? No, not necessarily. Do I want them to? Absolutely! Which is why I desire so desperately to hear God’s voice and vision over my life. How can I create a journey of intimacy with God and an understanding of experiencing the essence of Him? What do I need to make a commitment of faith about and step into?

The chopsticks are not what give you nourishment. It’s the food that provides life and nourishment. The chopsticks are merely an integral part, and technical aspect, of it. The same is true with knowledge and life with God. Don’t let the technical knowledge be your identity.

Gus Hunter

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