Borderland: The Border is Not a Line.


It’s a place.

NPR spent some time driving along the US – Mexico border to document stories and photos of immigrants’ journeys. Their presentation is beautifully done, extremely informative and easy (or not so easy) to digest the visuals, data and history of how the current border-crossing situation came-to-be.

Take some time to flip through and learn about it by clicking the link here > NPR’s Borderland Road Trip.

Border Patrol agents’ use of deadly force is hitting news more frequently, and the list of complaints against their abuse of power is growing longer. It’s an issue many would prefer to ignore but situations like Agent Jesus Mesa, Jr. firing a shot across the border and killing a fifteen year old boy make it increasingly difficult to turn a blind-eye. (You can read the Los Angeles Times news story here.) Despite the dozens of fatal shootings that have occurred in the last four years, none of the agents involved in these cases have been terminated or resigned their positions. Should we expect the Border Patrol’s use of excessive force to continue increasing with simply a suspension or reprimanded, slap-on-the-wrist to serve as punishment?

I will spare you of a soap box babble on my thoughts regarding this issue, but in honor of Nelson Mandela’s birthday today, I will say this: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” So take a break, expand those dendrites and read the stories of those involved in this hot debate…from both sides. And as always: Question; Discuss; Develop Understanding.


Post your thoughts. Create discussion. Develop understanding.

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