erikalalErika Gorman (Lal)  |  San Francisco, CA

Erika offers a fresh perspective to refining the systems and processes necessary for sustaining the growth of any business. Staying on top of her teams’ organization and structures, she simultaneously encourages the development and pursuit of a collaborative and corporate vision amongst the team members.

Erika fervently follows the philosophy of continuous improvement, one of the many concepts she developed from a serial entrepreneur who opened her eyes to the endless fun of startup opportunities. Constantly seeking more efficient and innovative strategies for having a healthy and growing company, she is driven by the results for any project she undertakes, and will work hard until she gets them.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies and Psychology, Erika’s exposure to the complex issues of organizations all over the world has provided a greater sense of purpose and need for how her time is spent. Tackling her own vision for solving the world’s foreign aid dependency problem, she also consults organizations and startup businesses on marketing strategies and writing foundational systems and processes needed to sustain, empower and thrive.

See what else she’s up to over here:

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