Theses & Research Papers

Below are some of my more interesting and controversial papers from when I was in college. Feel free to post comments below telling me what your thoughts are regarding these topics.*

An Analysis of Rorschach Inkblot Personality Assessment Tests

Brazil as a Model for Community Oriented, Sustainable Urban Development

Charting the Journey: Discovering and Accepting My Own Cultural Identity in Fiji Islands

Gender Equality in Christianity: A Psychological Analysis of Religious Tradition

A Hurting Hand: Why Foreign Aid Does Not Work (Part I)

A Helping Hand: Alternative Strategies to Foreign Aid (Part II)

A Land of My Own: A Study on Indian Families in the Fiji Islands

Psychedelic Drugs and the Religious Experience: A Study of Neurological and Mystical Relationships

Shelter Our World: Affordable Housing Plan for Rural Kyrgyzstan

*The copying or re-publishing of these documents is prohibited without the author’s permission, and/or proper citations of the work. All rights reserved.

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